Age Restricted Products


Age Verification

You must be 18+ to make a purchase on our website, we are required to verify the age of customers according to current UK legislation and laws.

Any orders placed by anyone found to be underage, will be cancelled immediately.

We reserve the right to ask for identification if necessary, otherwise:

We use an industry-recognised third-party system to verify your age. The system runs several independent checks to verify you are 18 or over, including credit record, the UK electoral roll and the UK birth register checks. We carry out as few checks as possible; the only time we would check multiple records is if we were unable to verify your age using previous any check(s).

If you are signed up to a credit reporting service (e.g Equifax, Experian, etc.), you may be notified that a check has been made against your credit record. This is what's known as a "soft check" and has no affect on your credit score.

We verify your age using your full name, current address and the date of birth you provided when creating your account. The billing address you provide will be used as your current home address. We ask that you ensure the billing address on your account reflects the address you are currently residing at.

To enable us to conduct our age verification checks, please ensure:

Please ensure that the billing address in your account matches the address that your bank account is registered to and NOT your place of work or delivery address if different.

You need to enter your FULL name as it appears on your passport/ bills/ driving licence etc. For example Richard Wyatt-Smith instead of Ricky Smith or Rebecca instead of Becki.

You may be required to enter your date of birth before you can check out.

This is required to enable us to confirm that you are over 18.

Disclaimer: reserve the right to use third party age verification systems, in accordance with law. If necessary, we reserve the right to ask for identification if necessary. You must be above 18 to purchase electronic cigarette products. In instances in which credit card verification is not enough, we may require to review your identification card. You will be asked to fax or email a legible copy of your identification clearly showing your age and shipping address. We will require a signed authorisation note along with a legible copy of your identification card. We will cancel the order if proper identification cannot be given in an appropriate amount of time. All fraudulent orders may be reported to the local authorities within your vicinity.