The best beginner e-liquids and juices available in the UK

Welcome to our list of 11 of the best beginner e-liquids available in the UK. Check out these award winning juices for flavour inspiration when starting out as a new vaper to find out which is the right e-liquid for you on your new vaping journey. Ranked in no particular order.


01/ Nasty Juice, the best beginner vape juice/e-liquid

Nasty Juice Bronze Tobacco

Nasty Juice is a world renowned e-juice company with a reputation for creating premium-quality vape juices. The company has won many awards from the likes of Vapouround, VapeCon, Vapeshow, Vape Expo, and many more. The Nasty Juice tobacco series are stand out, the series includes Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Bronze Blend is an ideal starting point for a vaper who’s not sure if they’ll enjoy either tobacco or sweet juices (and, of course for vapers craving for the nostalgic taste of tobacco).

Tobacco pairs exceptionally well with sweet flavours, Bronze is a seriously delicious tobacco e-liquid – an intricately blended vape juice that leans heavily into the dessert elements, with a rich soft crack butterscotch caramel top note and substantial vanilla cream base to back it up. A very mild tobacco accent ties it all together, present but by no means the main part of the blend. The flavour is very similar to that of the timeless RY4. You'll love the way that the decadent butter note tickles the roof of your mouth on the exhale.

Nasty Juice’s Bronze Blend has a natural sweetness, and the flavour is just right. The taste of tobacco on the inhale is sublime, but it is not too intense. You get a sweet woody flavour, like caramelised sugar and a hint of roasted coffee. You also get a light creaminess and hints of vanilla. On the exhale, the caramel flavour comes out and blends nicely with the tobacco to feel somewhat creamy. No single ingredient is too dominant over the other in this blend. Overall, this is a very delicious vape juice. You will relish every puff.

02/ Dinner Lady, the leading beginner vape juice/e-liquid

Caramel Tobacco by DL

Dinner Lady are without doubt one of the most iconic, recognisable vape brandnames in the e-juice industry and available in most UK retail stores including the supermarket giants. Their e-liquid is distributed in 96 different countries worldwide, how many other juice companies can say that?

Most of the Dinner Lady recipes capture the innocent nostalgic pleasures of childhood sweets, tuck shop treats and absolutely delicious retro desserts (exemplified by their most famous flagship, an award wining Lemon Tart e-liquid). Their liquids are subtly flavoured and taste like the real thing, there’s very little bad that I can say about them. Their mixologists have a talent and passion that really get the flavour profiles bang on the money, and I am very excited to see what they can do with a sweet caramel tobacco.

Caramel Tobacco e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a tobacco blend featuring a medley of rich dessert flavours, a combination of robust flavours with sweet notes. The bittersweet, earthy tobacco base is fused with a dark, decadent caramel, light vanilla creme and golden honey to create a layered vape that is a very smooth, slightly complex vape combination with a hint of biscuit when you exhale. The juice-masters at Dinner Lady have understood how to develop an e-liquid that is centred around what a consumer actually wants with this blend. This is a bold e-liquid with a distinctive taste. It has an edge over some of the others I have tried, because there is a subtle harshness to it that really is quite pleasant.

Left RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Centre RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Right E-liquid / Juice


03/ Element, the top beginner vape juice/e-liquid

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco

Element E-Liquids are a highly-coveted American E-Liquid manufacturer with a wide variety of juice flavour ranges, this exceptional one is part of their dedicated tobacco range. All their e-liquids are USA made using organically extracted nicotine from natural, freshly-cured American tobacco.

An award winning flavour, Honey Roast Tobacco is a balanced swirl of a deep smoky tobacco base, enhanced with sweet notes. This woody tobacco base, is infused with the delicious flavours of sweet caramel and velvety vanilla for a full-bodied, earthy vape (with nutty undertones). Be self-indulgent and sooth your mood with this luxurious, full-bodied blend that delivers a unique vaping experience.

The delicious drizzling of sweet roasted honey brings a really nice sweetness to it that comes through on the exhale, serving to enhance the juice rather than overpower it. When a vaping at high temperatures it creates a sensation that is very much like swallowing a mouthful of warm honey. An almost mythical ‘Ambrosia’ sensation. I found I could certainly vape this juice all day long, especially as I couldn’t put it down! A truly exceptional tobacco vaping experience.

04/ IVG, the most popular beginner vape juice/e-liquid

IVG Tobacco E-liquids

IVG premium e-liquids are a UK based manufacturer established in 2016. They are famed for their bold, fruity blends of intense taste, and have made a name of themselves after winning multiple international juice awards, to become one of the most recognisable names around.

This tobacco series is a small divergent side-step with the aim of making cracking full-bodied, woody tobaccos for a change. The IVG acronym stands for ‘I Vape Great’, let’s see if these tobacco juices live up to their IVG name.

Overall, all of the liquids in the range are the smokiest flavoured e-liquids I've tried so far (and I've tried a lot). I like the real smoky effect more than the flavours, it’s a memorable one that ex-smokers will particularly relish rather than ‘adjusted’ seasoned vapers.

IVG Gold – is a robust tobacco blend with a creamy undertone. There are tobacco vapes and then there are special tobacco vapes! This juice is certainly the latter and features a wonderfully smooth Virginia tobacco blend. But there’s more to Gold Tobacco than meets the eye. That rich taste is complemented by a warm and slightly sweet cream undertone and indulgent notes of black truffle essence. All of which means that this is, a distinctive flavour which your taste buds will relish as it feels utterly luxurious.

IVG Silver – is a well-rounded sweet and dark tobacco blend that has a swirl of golden caramel for a balanced vape. This divine blend of natural smoky tobacco is further enhanced by a glazed honey on the exhale, which really help to set up some earthy nuances. IVG Silver is the perfect vape for someone looking for something different to the multitude of vanilla tobaccos available as there’s a nice smoky aspect to it that’s not as predominantly sweet, the sweetness is subtle.

05/ Baccy Roots, the best starter vape juice/e-liquid

Baccy Roots

Baccy Roots is an innovative tobacco e-liquid range (or vape juice if you are cool) made in the UK by the Doozy Vape Co. They focus on a higher quality products, and with this Baccy Roots range their goal is to make something truly unique for those that want the true taste of tobacco, without the fumes. A fantastic line of five e-liquids that will make your taste buds dance, even non-tobacco fans will find themselves unable to put these juices down:

Sweet Roll is toasted tobacco blended seamlessly with creamy milk, thick honey and caramel for a lip-smacking finish. Great as an all-day-vape with a unique tasting tobacco, not one of the sweetest, but most definitely one of the most more-ish smokes around. I loooove this juice, tastes like a fresh pastry from the bakery as the honey and caramel go perfectly together with the cream, and the taste of tobacco is prominent enough to still make you notice it.

Feuille Verte, an unashamedly rich tobacco blend that still manages to entice and surprise people who don’t do tobacco. The secret is the way its dark tobacco notes combine with cognac and aromatics to produce a remarkably refined, well-balanced but slightly delicate flavour that hits all the right spots and keeps you coming back for more. This juice reminds me of liquid gold paired with tobacco! Really? Cognac flavoured tobacco? Sounds like a dream to me, but it is really spot on. A dark rich flavour for those who want something new.

Five States is a bold, rich blend for the tobacco purists. Notes of Perique, Cuban and Nicaraguan tobaccos combine to create a deep, realistic and earthy taste that is rounded off with a slightly nutty dark chocolate, and elements of butterscotch. An enjoyable taste that can linger in your mouth after the smoky exhale.

Kentucy Leaf, a perfect blend of sweet, flue-cured tobacco and smooth bourbon notes. It’s lovingly finished and closest thing to smoking I have tried, it keeps me on track when I feel the need for a real cigarette. What I really like is the divine surprise that happens in your mouth as you taste the added splash of spritely bourbon, and the slightly rustic finish.

Original – This vintage blend packs a robust punch of tobacco, cajoled perfectly together with hints of caramel, maple syrup and shortbread biscuit undertones to form a genius combination that mingles in the mouth, creating a cracking tasty vape on both the inhale and exhale. Making it a nice smooth vape of choice for those that crave the real thing.

Shanghai – This silky juice delivers one of the best takes on the original RY4 flavour that I have come across in a long time. An ultra smooth creamy inhale floods the taste buds with a warming caramel and vanilla infusion before releasing the trailing notes of rich tobacco leaf, holding true flavours right to back of the mouth. This liquid has perfect caramel and vanilla tones with an authentic tobacco aftermath, a well balanced flavour that is much nicer than any burning tobacco. Zero chemical taste, this juice tastes 100% natural.

RY4 Emporium E-liquid Shop

06/ Double Drip, the leading starter vape juice/e-liquid

Double Drip Caramel Tobacco

In life, looks aren’t supposed to be everything. But when Double Drip e-juices first appeared in 2016, they raised the bar for e-liquid aesthetics with colourful, grungy graphics that turned heads from day one and have been imitated ever since.

Double Drip are not just about a pretty face, they were created (by Vapouriz Labs, UK) in an effort to provide vapers with an affordable vape liquid that’s formulated for cloud and flavour chasers alike. We salute them for that, as getting intense flavour and unruly clouds on a budget is a good thing. Since being released, it has grown to become one of the popular UK liquid brands.

For me, the Caramel Tobacco had more of a strong tobacco flavour than caramel, but then it’s meant to be more tobacco biased as a decent beginner juice – good for scaring away those early cravings once you’d committed to giving up the dreaded weed. There were some slight soft notes of fragrant vanilla bean, and the golden-brown caramel was a slightly sweet, smoky flavour on the exhale. The 50:50 e-liquid should work fairly well in most devices, but is still a compromise in a sub-ohm set-up.

Overall a smooth and satisfying tobacco e-liquid which captures the rich taste of traditional tobacco without any of the nasty chemicals or additives. A suitably decent substitute to replace your current tobacco habit.

07/ Doozy Vape – top starter vape juice/e-liquid

Doozy Vape Golden Elixir

E-liquids evolve year on year and we are now at a stage where expectations have never been higher. Doozy Vape Co have a passion in producing a range of liquids for us to enjoy using only the best ingredients. The Doozy range caters to all palettes, but their Golden Elixir stands out by a mile, a caramel tobacco that’s a wonderful halfway house between a dessert and tobacco. It’s ideal as a first e-liquid for someone just getting into vaping.

This golden elixir will leave you mesmerised and you’ll never feel the desire to be freed from it’s spellbinding potion. This juice has a really inviting sweet aroma, with a lovely caramel back note that sits on top of a light tobacco tone. The taste is a silky smooth tobacco that is combined perfectly with an indulgent caramel toffee and a hint of vanilla.

On the inhale you get warming melted toffee, enshrouded in a smooth tasting tobacco, with the vanilla making it all, that little bit special with extra depths of flavour. The exhale begins with the tobacco notes quickly turning into velvety plumes of caramel yumminess. The light tobacco infusion, holds the caramel addition well, to bring out the sweet high notes of the tobacco as it travels. Cleverly finishing the exhale with an extremely moorish well balanced sweet aftertaste.

Doozy have managed to produce an extremely clean, sharp tobacco based vape, with the perfect level of sweetness. Creating a vape that will appeal to most tobacco chasers, as well as the sweet toothed amongst us that are looking for a great flavourful all day MTL vape.

08/ vGod Cubano, the most popular starter vape juice/e-liquid

VGOD Cubano Silver

Under the buttery bright vanilla summer moon on the creamy coast of Santa Maria del Mar, you’re watching the warm waves roll in. With sweet sounds of rumba in the distance, you reach for your vape mod to relish in the rarity of a truly classic full flavoured Cuban cigar infused with a warm top note of buttery vanilla custard, rounded off with a hint of spice, sweet caramelised brown sugar and honey for the finish. In a flash, you take another deep pull and instantly you’re ready for whatever the night brings.

Romanticised mumbo jumbo aside, for a true reflection of the taste – just imagine strolling into a reputable tobacconist's walk-in humidor, taking a deep thoughtful draw, then taking a big sip on a vanilla milkshake before you exhale. This describes VGOD's Cubano Silver down to a T.

I really like that upon opening the bottle you're drawn-in by the overwhelming aromas of vanilla-rich egg custard and not a whiff of tobacco. This is a Jedi mind trick, just ignore it as it’s treasures are hidden. The first flavour on your tongue will be a mellowed taste of that same vanilla custard that will caress the back of your throat with an almost syrupy sweetness. But wait until you exhale, suddenly the tobacco flavour begins to take the limelight as your palate is struck with the lovely flavour of a beautifully aged Cohiba. This juice is the work of someone who knows and appreciates a fine tobacco, and has magically mingled their flavourings into a perfect sweeter facsimile with twisted nuances.

Make no mistake, this is a sweet tobacco juice, but compared to the sugar-fiend flavours that some other companies produce, this is a breath of fresh air.

Cubano Silver e-liquid by VGOD is a truly delightful tobacco blend that contains all of the popular RY4 flavour notes, where the woody notes of tobacco are combined with a rich and creamy vanilla custard, sweetened by the addition of golden luxury honey and caramelised brown sugar for a complex vape with new flavour dimensions that will make your mouth water. This e-juice will satisfy you like crazy.

09/ Zeus Juice, the best novice/newbie vape juice/e-liquid

Zeus Juice ZY4

Few places have embraced vaping as much as we have in the UK, our regulations and attitude mirror the mounting evidence that vaping is much safer than smoking. One thing which sets our UK vape brands apart from competitors is our commitment to quality products, and the good they can provide to ex-smokers. One brand which exemplifies this trait is the rapidly growing e-liquid maker, Zeus Juice (not to be confused with it’s bust USA namesake).

Since 2011, the Zeus Group has been manufacturing some of the highest quality e-liquids in the UK. With original flavours designed by master mixer Paul Curtis, the range has grown, adapted and improved over time so that now Zeus juices can be found in tanks and pods of thousands of vapers.

Zeus’ ZY4 is an irresistible reinvention of the classic RY4, the essence of this juice is a deep earthy tobacco blend underlined by sweet dark caramel and finely tuned with delicate notes of chocolate with minute hints of aromatic vanilla to create a well balanced and well crafted, Zeus blended tobacco.

If you have recently quit the cigs, you might be finding yourself yearning for the taste of your favourite tobacco. This ZY4 juice will solve all of your problems in an instant by delivering a few nice surprises along the way! In addition to the comforting, mellow flavour that you love, you will revel in sumptuous caramel and chocolate notes which lend richness to the blend. Better still, vanilla comes through on every exhale to complete each puff with a touch of indulgence.

Was it an ambitious move to name this brand after the king of the gods? You bet, but the moniker is justified as their ZY4 is one of the best examples of how to create a layered, complex tobacco blend there is! You’ll be able to notice the distinct qualities of Zeus Juices from the very first time you take a drag, right down to the last drop.

10/ Riot Squad, the leading novice/newbie vape juice/e-liquid

Riot Squad Cream & Sweet Leaf

As the number of e-liquids on the market grows, companies are looking for an edge and an angle to tempt discerning vapers into buying their wares, Riot Squad are at the forefront of this with a brand and marketing approach that’s all about revolution and anarchy. This uncompromising range of e-liquids has some of the boldest and most innovative flavours available on the market today, and their distinctive bullet-shaped bottles have become an icon among vapers.

Riot Squad Hybrids are included on this list for all you non sub-ohm vapers out there, as a nicotine salt (freebase hybrid) it’s only designed for pod kits & starter e-cigarettes. Why is it included? Well, Riot Squad was proudly awarded 'Best Salt' range at the Ecigclick awards 2019.

The Riot S:ALT Hybrid fuses an innovative blend of nicotine salts and freebase nicotine together in order to create a range which provides the smoother nicotine delivery via the salts, coupled with faster absorption provided by freebase, for a brilliantly balanced e-liquid which closely mimics the sensation of smoking. It’s a combination that gives the most realistic alternative to a cigarette to help people stop smoking successfully. We salute them for that – it's time for smokers to embrace the ultimate alternative – vaping.

Cream Leaf Riot S:ALT e-liquid is a boisterous, sweet ‘lit’ tobacco on the inhale, softened with a smooth creamy exhale and a rich, silky cream aftertaste. Riot squad doesn't go too full-on, its treats these flavours with respect – it won’t smack you in the face with it’s taste. This is just a fine juice. Cream Leaf by Riot Squad is a fabulous take on a traditional tobacco flavour that has been given a dash of dreamy decadence.

Sweet Leaf Riot S:ALT e-liquid is based on a rich, rolling tobacco with sweet vanilla syrup, perfect for those who like their tobacco vape on the sweeter side. On inhale you'll experience a smooth, wood-smoked tobacco flavour which quickly transitions into a light, heavenly vanilla infusion.

For newbie vapers, these have to be one of the better introductory tobaccos on the market, with really authentic tobacco flavours (not burnt/ash tobacco like some e-liquids) with this sumptuous, decadent, luxurious creamy tones to them. I have let many smoker friend try it and all have been very impressed. If you are a smoker trying to give up, you can do no worse than with Riot S:ALT.

11/ Vampire Vape, the top novice/newbie vape juice/e-liquid

Vampire Vape Sweet Tobacco

UK based Vampire Vape has been around since 2012 and are the creators of the famous Heisenberg and Pinkman range of e-liquids. These flavours struck a chord with vapers and are extremely popular, helping to propel the company into vaping stratosphere. Most of us have probably tried one of the company’s e-liquids on our vaping journey as the brand specializes in old sweet brands that you probably had when you were twelve, thankfully for us, they have turned their attention to producing a couple of tobaccos.

Vampire Vape have nailed this sweet tobacco, their smooth tobacco is also excellent and worth a try but this is the daddy! It has a lovely sweet aftertaste without being sickly sweet, it is well balanced and the tobacco flavour is not overpowering. Plus it doesn't leave an embarrassingly sweet cloud behind when I vape around people (good for stealth vaping).

Vampire Vape Sweet Tobacco is a smooth tobacco flavour that provides a sweet, yet dry take on an original tobacco taste. Indulge your taste buds when caramel meets tobacco for a hot, brown and sticky match made in heaven with a decent take of an RY4.

The sweetness of the caramel beautifully entwines with the wholesome tobacco, delivering a strong and satisfying hit that is brilliantly enhanced for an all-around joyous vape. Sweet Tobacco mimics taste sensation of a cigarette, except much nicer. Makes you wonder why you ever smoked.

Avoid the Nic Salt version though, as it's no where near as good.