The best e-liquid / vape juice brands available in the UK

Welcome to our list of 11 of the best e-liquid brands in the UK. Check them out for your next juice inspiration to find which are the best brand(s) for you to try in your next vape. Ranked in no particular order.


01/ Cuttwood, the best vape juice/e-liquid brand


If you vape, then there is a high chance you have come across the name Cuttwood, they have made quite a name for themselves in e-liquid and have been successful in becoming one of the most widely known juice companies, and rightfully so. We've been a fan of their range for a long time.

Cuttwood, a.k.a “The Sauce Boss”, prides itself on providing quality made products through research, development, rigorous testing and innovation, they are dedicated to providing the best e-liquids on the market. Their e-liquids aren’t anything drastically different from what’s out there, but over the years they have been refined to set the standards in premium e-liquids. Although they don’t have a whole lot of different e-liquids, the flavour lineup they’ve formulated covers off most popular flavour profiles to please the masses. Ok, enough talk, let’s take a look at their RY4 relevant liquids to see if all the hype is real.

Tobacco Trail is for all you vape fans out there who have switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping but can't kick the cravings for a real tobacco flavour. This tobacco vape juice adds a delicious twist with a fusion of mild, sweet tobacco with the addition of honey to set your taste buds tingling in delight – no other vape juice will kick your tobacco cravings to the curb.

Cuttwood Boss Reserve – this phenomenal ADV flavour has earned an array of highly regarded reviews from vapers across the globe. Just taking a whiff of the juice I could barely contain myself from wanting to take a sip (please don’t do that) as the aromas smelt that good. Boss Reserve is indisputably one of Cuttwood’s best e-juice flavours – It’s super complex and flavourful; an awesome mix of digestive biscuit, honey nut clusters, banana and milk – all rolled into one. We’ve heard it compared to a certain honey nut cereal, but it’s much more complex than that. Upon inhale it’s milky and sweet honey / digestive biscuit combo, it finishes off with a rich array of flavours (bananas, cream and maybe a hint of rum or brown sugar thrown into the mix). We picked different flavour nuances with each puff, it’s nothing short of sensational. Vaping this e-liquid is very interesting, we could even say it may be the greatest ‘cereal and milk’ flavour in the e-liquid market..

Other liquids of acclaim include Mr. Fritter, and of course the legendary Unicorn Milk – an e-liquid that tastes just like Nesquik Strawberry Milk Shake! It totally mimics that creamy, frothy milkshake we all used to love as kids. Sounds like an exaggeration? It really is that good!

02/ Element, the leading vape juice/e-liquid brand

Element E-Liquids

Element have been around a while, and are one of the giants of US vaping, with their stylish packaging and great flavour ranges they have became a global brand. Their e-liquids are a go to vape for many vapers, and judging by the popularity of these juices, it’s definitely a case of quality (as well as quantity), with more flavours than you could shake a stick at.

Quite a few American E-liquid manufacturers seem to be reluctant about what is in their e-liquid, with Element you don’t get any of that nonsense as they provide a great deal of transparency with the purity of ingredients and quality of their juices. Element only use organically extracted nicotine from natural American tobacco leaves and do not artificially create it in a lab. Their juice is completely Diacetyl free so you won’t find any nastiness in these E-Liquids. The juice is 100% pre-steeped before distribution so you can vape as soon as you receive them. No more waiting. For us, the standout favourite is the Element E-Liquids Tobacconist range:

Hazelnut Tobacco – This e-liquid is nicely balanced, a delicious medium tobacco is followed by a distinct and flavoursome hazelnut (which is very natural in taste). The two flavours complement each other really well, and it has a really creamy quality to that isn’t overpowering, excellent.

Chocolate Tobacco – In some ways chocolate and tobacco shouldn’t really work, but surprisingly this flavour does as it’s not overly chocolaty. The luxury dark chocolate has a slight bitterness that offsets a sweet, light tobacco to round off the overall flavour amazingly. Not my favourite but still very good.

Honey Roasted Tobacco – This is a combination of soft tobacco and delicious honey, on the inhale it gives a vaping sensation that is very much like swallowing a mouthful of warm honey with tobacco tones. The sweetness develops on the exhale, serving to enhance the natural tobacco flavour, rather than overpower. This is the kind of vape that would makes you want to chill out, although I found that I couldn’t put it down and ended up vaping this juice all day long!

555 Tobacco – A truly fantastic tobacco blend that has such a lovely rich quality to it that is a masterful tapestry of tobacco. What you get with this is a fantastic caramel skilfully balanced with vanilla, warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts over a rich tobacco base. I was honestly quite surprised by how good this one is because every ingredient works so well to create an outstanding flavour overall. 555 Tobacco is very much like an RY4 e-liquid.

The quality of these juices is truly remarkable – you owe it to yourself to try them as they really are quite exceptional!

Left RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Centre RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Right E-liquid / Juice


03/ Baccy Roots, the top vape juice/e-liquid brand

Baccy Roots

Baccy Roots is an innovative tobacco e-liquid range (or vape juice if you are cool) made in the UK by the Doozy Vape Co. They focus on a higher quality products, and with this Baccy Roots range their goal is to make something truly unique for those that want the true taste of tobacco, without the fumes. A fantastic line of five e-liquids that will make your taste buds dance, even non-tobacco fans will find themselves unable to put these juices down:

Sweet Roll is toasted tobacco blended seamlessly with creamy milk, thick honey and caramel for a lip-smacking finish. Great as an all-day-vape with a unique tasting tobacco, not one of the sweetest, but most definitely one of the most more-ish smokes around. I loooove this juice, tastes like a fresh pastry from the bakery as the honey and caramel go perfectly together with the cream, and the taste of tobacco is prominent enough to still make you notice it.

Feuille Verte, an unashamedly rich tobacco blend that still manages to entice and surprise people who don’t do tobacco. The secret is the way its dark tobacco notes combine with cognac and aromatics to produce a remarkably refined, well-balanced but slightly delicate flavour that hits all the right spots and keeps you coming back for more. This juice reminds me of liquid gold paired with tobacco! Really? Cognac flavoured tobacco? Sounds like a dream to me, but it is really spot on. A dark rich flavour for those who want something new.

Five States is a bold, rich blend for the tobacco purists. Notes of Perique, Cuban and Nicaraguan tobaccos combine to create a deep, realistic and earthy taste that is rounded off with a slightly nutty dark chocolate, and elements of butterscotch. An enjoyable taste that can linger in your mouth after the smoky exhale.

Kentucy Leaf, a perfect blend of sweet, flue-cured tobacco and smooth bourbon notes. It’s lovingly finished and closest thing to smoking I have tried, it keeps me on track when I feel the need for a real cigarette. What I really like is the divine surprise that happens in your mouth as you taste the added splash of spritely bourbon, and the slightly rustic finish.

Original – This vintage blend packs a robust punch of tobacco, cajoled perfectly together with hints of caramel, maple syrup and shortbread biscuit undertones to form a genius combination that mingles in the mouth, creating a cracking tasty vape on both the inhale and exhale. Making it a nice smooth vape of choice for those that crave the real thing.

Shanghai – This silky juice delivers one of the best takes on the original RY4 flavour that I have come across in a long time. An ultra smooth creamy inhale floods the taste buds with a warming caramel and vanilla infusion before releasing the trailing notes of rich tobacco leaf, holding true flavours right to back of the mouth. This liquid has perfect caramel and vanilla tones with an authentic tobacco aftermath, a well balanced flavour that is much nicer than any burning tobacco. Zero chemical taste, this juice tastes 100% natural.

04/ Tobacco Bastards, the most popular vape juice/e-liquid brand

Tobacco Bastards by FlavorMonks

Tobacco Bastards are a uniquely named brand with a main flavour of… yep, you've guessed it... tobacco, but mixed in with a variety of other flavours and are quickly growing in popularity due to the (probably the cool name, but more likely down to their) dedication that has gone into the research and development of creating them. You see Tobacco Bastards is actually a brand of FlavourMonks (FlavorMonks), a Belgian company that specializes in creating premium natural flavour concentrates for other e-liquid manufacturers. Due to them being such a successful flavour house company, they were easily able to experiment and create an authentic tobacco flavour (which is quite often difficult as some end up tasting like cross between a stale pub ashtray and damp old socks).

Their tobacco e-liquid range has got the flavour just right and finally managed to create Tobacco Bastard No. 37 Original which is now with the base from which they were then able to experiment with other flavourings to create a range of 8 absolutely amazing flavours. The Tobacco Bastards range will really surprise you, these are high quality flavours which have clearly been made with care and attention with a big emphasis on authenticity.

No. 37 Original – a tobacco leaf base with sweet, toasted caramel and burnt sugar notes. Surprisingly it actually tastes like the description which is very rare indeed. It is a very fresh, high quality tobacco taste, satisfying smooth, the caramel and burnt sugar notes add to the quality and enhance the vape. There is a nice subtle kick to the throat hit which just adds to the authentic taste.

No. 29 Coffee – The coffee is the flavour that comes through first, followed up with the fresh tobacco and a perfect throat hit with counteracts the sweet sugar and keeps it all in check. Coffee can be a flavour which some juices get horribly wrong, and bad coffee is just plain gross. No need to worry here as this is delicious and akin to the creamy sweetness of a perfect caramel latte, from a master barista in an independent coffee shop. It’s smooth, dark, roasted coffee beans with a creamy, sweet, caramel and whiskey notes added to this tobacco flavour. Very full bodied and very aromatic.

No. 17 Dark Fire – a very smoky tobacco flavour, full bodied with a very rich, almost nutty burnt sugar and caramel-like nuances. All I can say is that I've tried many a tobacco liquid from all over the world, but this one got the most exquisite taste that you just have to try for yourself to believe.

No. 13 Cohiba – a Cohiba, need I say more? Just like the richness as a real Cuban Cigar from Cohiba. This e-liquid is clear, light, and matured in it’s cigar tone. Natural, rich and balanced. Medium bodied and a pronounced in flavour.

No. 33 Light – a nutty, light tobacco flavour balanced with hints of caramel and toasted notes. Again, the flavour is spot-on match to the description . Although it’s called light, the flavour is defined with sweet notes being stronger in the blend and the toasted flavour bringing more depth to the juice. Personally it’s way better than the Original No. 37 as it is a little more complex and, for me, this made it a more satisfying vape. Smooth and tasty, easily an ADV.

No. 11 Dark Honey – Honey as a flavour goes surprisingly well with tobacco. The balance of Kentucky Burley tobacco with the honey is perfect, you get a rich sweetness without it taking over (as it’s definitely a dark caramelised honey, rather than the generic sweetness of a syrup). It is quite rich and it really compliments the darker tobacco base.

No. 09 Bourbon – I do enjoy a tobacco bourbon flavour, the combination works well. This one is quite soft on the bourbon, has a really good smoky tobacco and contains a hint of caramelised nuts to finish.

No. 21 Mint – I was never really a fan of brushing my teeth and then smoking back in the day before vaping and this one doesn’t do it for me, but I know there is many a menthol fan out there, so in the interests of the review besides my personal stance, I did find it a perfectly balanced tobacco with a medium-strong minty flavour for a refreshing throat-hit.

05/ Charlie Noble, the best vape juice/e-liquid branding

Charlie Noble E-Liquid

Charlie Noble is an e-liquid brand born from the desire to provide a premium product at affordable pricing. The crew behind Charlie Noble are vapers first and foremost – they love a good, complex and interesting e-juice, but did not like the high market pricing. So in 2011 the people at Charlie Noble began working with a partner Vape Dojo, to bring that promise to life for you.

Their name, Charlie Noble is not a random one. Around 1850 there was a British merchant ship captain named Charles Noble. When he discovered that the stack of his ships galley was made out of copper, he demanded that it would be kept bright. From that time onward, the crew of the ship referred to the galleys' smokestack as the ‘Charlie Noble’. This is exactly what the geniuses do at Charlie Noble, they ensure that all their fantastic flavours are polished to perfection.

Charlie Noble have taken the e-liquid vape market by storm with an incredibly accurate range of flavours. From dessert e-liquids like Stroopwafel (based on a Dutch traditional cookie), and Charlie’s Custard (a creamy vanilla custard with a crispy baked crust). Other flavours include the complex tobacco e-liquids like Tripoli, which is an exotic spiced Turkish tobacco marinated with figs and almonds. Other tobacco favourites are Sollers Pointe and Pistachio RY4. It’s these tobacco flavours we are interested in:

Sollers Pointe – A very enjoyable vape, it seems to be a take on an RY4 that is incredibly smooth and creamy with bursts of subtle banana, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tobacco. The caramel and tobacco, come through really well in this and are the main players. The caramel is soft and sweetened but not cloyingly so, while the tobacco is understated and a flavour that doesn’t overwhelm the vape, it simply adds a subtle dimension. A great ADV, and it tastes awesome with a morning coffee.

Tripoli – An expertly put together e-liquid. Charlie Noble describes this one as an exotic mix of Turkish tobacco, figs, almonds and rare spices. I would classify the tobacco note as a pipe tobacco rather than Turkish, as on the inhale you receive a nice nutty tobacco flavour and the sweetness from the figs. As I begin to exhale, the flavours all swirl together into a magical tobacco lovers dream. Overall, the sweet fig/almond combine into a really intoxicating scent and flavour is spot on, it adds just the right amount of rich, creamy flavours without overpowering the nutty tobacco notes. I can’t really taste the spices at all, sometimes I think I can taste a hint of nutmeg. The lack of a detectable ‘rare spice’ flavour really isn’t a knock against Tripoli as I actually love this e-liquid. Tripoli is practically perfect. It tastes like no other e-liquid, I suggest this for anyone looking for a unique tobacco blend with a lot of flavour!!

Pistachio RY4 – Their RY4 is described as bright pistachio, layered with delicious blends of vanilla, caramel, and light tobacco. For me, the geniuses at Charlie Noble have ensured that this fantastic flavour is polished to perfection. The flavours play off one another to create a smooth, sophisticated vape that you will be able to taste the difference. There is a pretty clear separation where you can taste which elements of the vape are RY4 and which are pistachio. It has a delicious but not too dominant pistachio twang, the pistachio tapers back the RY4 caramel element to give it balance. The nut is more pronounced at the exhale to endow the liquid with a velvety touch. The end notes also contain a delicious uniqueness that holds a somewhat earthy, light tobacco tone. One of the best vapes we have ever tried. To understand the true beauty of Charlie Noble e-liquid, you have to try it for yourself.

RY4 Emporium E-liquid Shop

06/ Cafe Racer, the leading vape juice/e-liquid branding

Cafe Racer E-Liquid

Interestingly, the founder of Cafe Racer originally left a high profile marketing job at Red Bull to join a scrappy start-up vaporiser company called Ploom (who went on to to release the massively successful Pax Vaporiser in 2012) which pretty much changed the industry in terms of design and simplicity, to then go on and inspire the Pax Juul, a truly ’revolutionary’ electronic cigarette. Inspired by the vision that vaping could help millions of smokers ditch their dirty habit, he decided to start his own line of premium hand-crafted e-liquid. And that’s how Cafe Racer came to be.

When it comes to authentic natural-extracted tobacco e-liquids, very few can compete with the sensational creations offered by Cafe Racer (well, apart from the likes of Black Note and Five Pawns but that’s a different story). Cafe Racer produce exceptionally authentic tobacco experiences unlike anything else you have ever tried and have established themselves as one of the leading global e-liquid brands, with many of their e-liquids winning awards for best tobaccos, and in the case of Lucky 13, Best in Show at Vape Summit. Now that we know what Cafe Racer is all about, let’s take a look at the tobacco flavours they have to offer.

Lucky 13 e-juice by Cafe Racer is among the most exceptional tobacco flavours available today. It’s an award winning take on a classic RY4 style featuring a complex blend of creamy vanilla, toasted almond and caramel topped off with just the right amount of smooth tobacco to finish. The blend is so perfect that all these flavours conjoin to make a flavour like no other and unlike anything you have ever tasted before. Close your eyes and imagine a nutty, caramelised vanilla, yes, it’s that delicious! This flavour is THE perfect RY4 and is one of the most satisfying, precise, and authentic tobacco e-liquids available, the perfect choice for any vaper looking for the very best. Pairs very well with an IPA or other craft beers.

Lucky Bastard is described as a ‘bastardly’ version of the Lucky 13, the Lucky Bastard has the same flavours as the aforementioned juice, but has double the tobacco intensity. The sweetness of the caramel and the vanilla feels divine to the senses and its exhale is bold, sprinkled with the taste of tobacco and toasted almonds. Sure it tastes very similar to Lucky 13, but whereas Cafe Racer’s award-winning flavour is a sweet, mild vape, this one is a lot bolder. One of the things I appreciated most about Lucky Bastard was the accuracy of the flavour profile. The sweetness of the caramel and the aromatic vanilla are delight to the senses on the inhale, while the exhale is dominated by the bold tobacco and toasted almonds. I’m rarely able to taste all the flavours listed by some companies in their description of their complex vapes, but Lucky Bastard really does taste as advertised. I liked this juice, it’s bold, it’s flavourful and it’s definitely a worthy addition to the Cafe Racer lineup. To be honest, I still prefer the milder Lucky 13, but for stronger tobacco flavour vapers who’d give anything for a realistic tobacco flavour, Lucky Bastard is a must try.

Cool Bastard is everything you love about the award winning Lucky Bastard but with a crisp menthol added to deliver the coolest tobacco vape experience of it’s kind.

The race has only just began for Cafe Racer, and we look forward to seeing more unique flavour creations from them, we are now a loyal fan.

07/ Five Pawns, the top vape juice/e-liquid branding

Five Pawns E-Liquid

Are multi award winning Five Pawns e-liquids as amazing as their legions of hard-core fans claim, is the premium price tag justified? I’d say they are, probably some of the best e-liquids in the world! Five Pawns represent the pinnacle of super-premium, artisan-boutique retail juice-making, and premium quality should come with a premium price tag… this juice is so extraordinary!

Five Pawns are both famous and notorious on the many online vaping forums: famous for its extraordinarily rich but refined e-liquid flavour blends, and notorious for their prices. I don’t think that Five Pawns’ prices are as astronomically high as some of its critics assert (unless you opt for the Reserve versions, then things can get pricey). Considering it’s a 50% VG / 50% PG combination suitable for MTL, it’s not expensive per puff, so unless you try to sub-ohm it (which would be a waste) it is quite reasonable.

The pricing is especially good when you think that all 5P liquids are made by hand, and in very small batches – at 500 bottles per lot. They were crafted by people who clearly know a thing or two about how to artfully mix flavourings. With that much care, 5P juices are made to be flavour bombs rather than cloud machines. They set the standards high, as in premium plus, and then some.

Elo Tobacco – is inspired from the tastes of the Brazilian tobacco leaf, containing hints of citrus that accompany the rich, smooth, earthy, and naturally sweet tobacco tones. Personally, before vaping I don’t think I’ve ever smoked a Brazilian tobacco, so I was excited to try this one. It had very little citrus aromas, and thankfully the light tobacco notes came across in a sweet caramel way like an RY4. The inhale was super smooth, pure tobacco that was just the right side of sweet with an almost nuttiness to it. I only got a slight hint of the citrus on the exhale, which was a nice finish. Definitely one for a tobacco e-liquid connoisseur and very similar to a couple of my favourite Black Note blends – so high praise indeed!

Kingside Tobacco – emulates the taste of the Burley tobacco leaf, and containing hints of barley, hops, and berries. It’s a light, dry and smooth tobacco with a little bite, rather like an award wining IPA. I was extremely excited to taste this ‘beer and ciggy’ vape and was expecting big things, and boy did I get it – probably one of the best tobacco flavoured e-liquids I’ve had the pleasure of tasting…and then some…seriously! The flavours seemed to come in layers with almost botanical hints of hops, the dryness of the barley adding to the flavoursome Burley leaf. A natural wondrous sweetness of the berries leaves your mouth filled with deep tasty vapour. An unbelievably good tobacco vape that leaves your room surprisingly fragrant and one that I absolutely adore. And on the plus side, after your pint you don’t have to go outside for a smoke because you’ve already had one.

Castle Long – is a combination of Kentucky Bourbon, accented with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascan vanilla bean, and laced with a caramelised brown sugar. Sound like a lot of ingredients in the description? Don’t worry as the individual flavours won’t stand out one by one, more of a wondrous medley of flavours on your tongue! That’s the artful genius of Five Pawns’ juice-master, to mix e-liquids whose constituent flavour elements blend harmoniously into a sophisticated but singular overall flavour profile that is an extraordinarily well-blended recipe. Castle Long doesn’t ‘taste like’ Kentucky Bourbon, it’s an essence of bourbon that comes through in a kind of beautiful boozy bounty bar way. The flavour is ample, rich, and deep, it speaks to a vaper’s palate with civility and refinement. This is, quite simply, an extraordinary e-liquid; its stellar reputation is well-deserved.

Black Flag Risen – is a cappuccino infused with a light truffle cream, accentuated with mocha dusted black walnut and just a hint of flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco leaf. Forget your normal run of the mill coffee flavoured vapes – this one is in a different galaxy, probably even a universe. BFR replicates a proper Irish coffee but with hidden twists and depths. The hints of tobacco seem to soak up the chocolaty mocha to bring new life to the deep dark coffee, a whack of walnut adds yet another layer before the final twist arrives in a hint of sweet mystery of a truffle cream. I’m actually stunned by this one – the word delicious isn’t enough to do it justice!

Well what can I say! I’ve been fortunate enough to taste some exemplary e-liquids. Once again I’ve been treated to a magnificent master class in mixology by Five Pawns – in a word the e-liquids from Five Pawns are nothing short of divine. There’s really no other word for it... apart from ‘magical’.

08/ Black Note, the most popular vape juice/e-liquid branding

Black Note

Black Note are a luxury e-liquid brand for enthusiast tobacco connoisseurs. Their liquids aren’t something that you chain vape mindlessly, but something that you get as a truly special treat for yourself, to save for a quiet moment when you’ll appreciate it the most.

All Black Note juices are NET, and an e-liquid review can only begin with an overview of what Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) e-liquids actually are. It’s done in pretty much the same way as any other botanical extract, you make a tobacco extract by combining tobacco leaves with a solvent. This natural extraction method capture a true tobacco essence, and give the most realistic tobacco vaping experience around by allowing the true aromas and taste to develop naturally, preserving the signature flavour notes of each tobacco leaf. Natural tobacco extracts are often described as tasting like tobacco smoke, but what they really taste like is tobacco without combustion. Think of the smell of a tin of fresh pipe tobacco, then translate that into a flavour. That’s what NETs are like!

Black Note e-liquids really surprised us with their quality and flavour. None of the flavours were really harsh, sour or bitter like you can get from a traditional tobacco juice. We really loved that if there was sweetness to the e-liquid it was a very subtle, smooth, and very natural tasting. They’re easily some of the best-tasting natural tobacco e-juices we’ve ever tried. We can’t say that you will love them all, but if you are looking for authentic tobacco flavour, it’s almost impossible to not find one that will satisfy you.

Black Note is a truly groundbreaking line of juices and something you really do have to experience. If you are a tobacco fan, these juices absolutely must be at the top of your to try list if you haven’t experienced them already! If you aren’t a tobacco fan, I would still recommend these, as the taste is truly out of this world. Each and every one of these juices are simply outstanding, with clean, crisp and natural tobacco flavours that don’t seem to gunk up your coils as much as some other tobacco juices do, and simply some of the best tobacco juices I have ever had the pleasure of trying.

Concerto – the juice for the cigar lover. A beautifully sweet Havana tobacco leaf inhale rounded off by delectable spiced notes on the exhale. A full bodied punch of flavour to your tastebuds and an ideal after dinner vape, too strong to be an ADV – almost a perfect representation of an authentic Cuban cigar!

Forte – a light-air cured burley tobacco offering a subtle, slightly sweet flavour. Forte is a very subtle, nutty and smooth tobacco blend, with a hint of dryness and a light throat hit that provides a most enjoyable vape. The overall taste is very clean and smooth. There’s not much complexity to it, or any other frills and extras. Forte isn’t as strong as the others within the range, it’s a pure, mellow tobacco leaf taste that is straightforward and akin to a cigarillo – it has the potential to be a crowd favourite.

Legato – an Italian grown Kentucky tobacco, flue-cured to release the tobacco's natural resins for a rich-bodied vaping experience. Legato offers a mildly nutty and aromatic flavour with a finish that's both earthy and smooth that will have your tastebuds singing in delight. A deep and smoky blend that is neither too rich or too light, Legato strikes a perfect balance of smoothness and throat hit just topped off with the most subtle twist of sweetness.

Prelude – is a sweet buttery Virginia blend, grown in the sandy alluvial plains at the foot of the Italian Alps. Once harvested, the leaves are flue-cured to perfection – releasing their natural sugars and resins, resulting in a light, bright taste and aroma. These unique subtle flavours are derived from the Verona soils. So, so smooth! I found it to be an ideal juice to vape first thing in the morning, a lighter tobacco vape that goes a little easier on your tastebuds and the back of your throat yet still delivers rich and beautiful natural tobacco flavour in droves. There is a really authentic Virginia taste, a lovely touch of sweetness that’s going to really appeal to the ex roll up smokers! Truly superb and absolutely to die for.

Quartet – a rich, intense smoky-peppery tobacco that uses the Syrian Latakia process of taking sun-cured tobacco, that is subsequently smoke-cured further over fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper and indigenous aromatic herbs. The result is a powerfully distinct symphonic delight for the senses. A really complex tobacco taste that’s only for the hardcore among us! An uncompromising, intense smokey flavour to impress smokers or ex-smokers.

Solo – starts with a fine, ultra-smooth Virginia tobacco to provide a rich, flavourful base, before incorporating a layer of naturally extracted menthol oil. It’s a subtle mix, with a really natural and authentic mild menthol taste that does have a little nip at the back of your throat. The pronounced result is a refreshing mint flavour without any harsh bite. If you like menthol vapes then this is definitely a must try e-juice for you! A bright, cool vaping experience.

Sonata – a brilliant, intense, fire-cured dark Virginia tobacco blend that has been improved using the Cavendish method – a unique centuries-old process where the leaves are precisely primed, oak barrel-cured, and steamed under pressure to allow the rich, robust flavours to fully develop, whilst bringing out the natural sweetness of the tobacco leaf. This results in a very natural sweet tobacco vape, that lingers on the taste buds with a touch of nuttiness and almost a creamy feel to the vape. Sonata is quite possibly the sweetest tobacco juice from the Black Note range, and one very worthy of all day vape status. It’s more of a lighter flavour, less full bodied with a light earthy tobacco that carries the natural extracted sweetness of the leaf. There is a noticeable throat hit, but this is counterbalanced by the smooth sweet tobacco to make for a truly outstanding vape.

Black Note e-liquids are available only in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, so strictly for the MTL vaper. Black Note NET e-liquids are lab certified, free of any chemical additives and synthetic flavours such as Acetyl Propionyl, Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acrolein, Diethylene Glycol or Ethylene Glycol, so you know your juice is free of any potential nasties – tobacco juice at it’s purest.

09/ Manabush, the best make of vape juice/e-liquid


A firm favourite of vapers worldwide, Manabush really are impressive from the first look of their website to the last dregs of a bottle, they achieve high quality and superb flavours that sets them apart from the rest. Each of their liquids have a very particular style (set atop of the deep Nokomis tobacco base flavour) which is well summed up with their excellent Native American branding. The branding gives a great level of uniqueness to each and every flavour and the hard to pronounce names add a great level of fun and style to each bottle (whilst carrying a flavour related meaning).

According to our friend Google, Manabush (or Nanabozho natively spoken) is a trickster spirit in Native American mythology, a lovable rascal but also a virtuous hero. I think it’s a fitting name for the Manabush range of e-liquids, at it’s core is the virtuous hero – the Nokomis base tobacco blend which all of their juices are based on, and the lovable rascal aspect of each flavour derivative containing something far more risque each time, akin to the early feeling of sneaking your first alcoholic drink, initial cigarette or fanciful kiss – not the flavour, but that feeling of having achieved something a bit naughty and very grown up. Manabush have done a great job with this range of vape juice that isn’t too tobacco heavy, and each lovable rogue twist makes your tastebuds feel alive.

Nokomis is the base e-liquid used throughout the Manabush range. It’s something very special – an incredible fusion that lands between sweet and savoury, light and dark. The sweet edge of maple syrup, combined with the unadulterated tobacco leaf comes across as nutty and slightly earthy, with added biscuity undertones – the flavour of Nokomis is so damn well rounded it's very hard to put down. Nokomis provides a gratifying tobacco e-liquid hit, you can tell straight away that the creator has a profound understanding of the nuances of tobacco and has brought their understanding to life in a juice – a deep and comforting vape that will satisfy any cloud chaser. Nokomis is a decadent refinement that will not only hit the spot for tobacco lovers everywhere, but will have all vapers hooked, whether they are after an excellent tobacco or an amazing dessert style vape. This is top drawer stuff, as good as you can get. A great all-dayer that will put you in vape nirvana.

Chiricahua Sun – a mild tobacco base with an indefinable sweet nutty topping. You really can taste the care and attention that has been lavished upon this unique and fascinating liquid. It has a wonderful dark, nutty Manabush signature tobacco that hits you first along with sweet maple syrup and earthy, hobnobby biscuit tones. What makes Chiricahua Sun special is that it’s followed by a delicious sweet nutty tone that reminds me of eating honey roasted hazelnuts, a slightly smokey flavour accentuated by maple to compliment the base blend absolutely beautifully. Complex flavours wash over you with every puff. Nuttiness combines with sugar, cream and even a touch of waffle to create a flavour which proves greater than the sum of it’s parts, it will keep you chasing down flavour memories and put a smile on your face. Is it that good? Hell yes, it’s good and it’s one of those e-liquids that you’ll find yourself consistently refilling your tank with. A solid, pleasurable all day aromatic vape.

Coyote Coconut – For lover of coconuts, this liquid will have a lot of expectations to live up to. I must say that it does with a grown-up flare that both surprised and enthralled me. Vaping this liquid is a fantastic, cerebral experience. The Manabush nutty tobacco base lends itself perfectly to the coconut overtones, there are elements of nutty cocoa that flit around the palate and beg to be identified. A fantastic, clever liquid that is satisfying as a flavour combination.

IxCaCao is named after the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate/Cocoa, and is a nod to the flavour, and my this vape is the goddess of chocolate vapes (sorry Element). This is one beautiful chocolate vape that really rocks my boat! It's an example of superb craftsmanship from a quality juice-maker. Initially you get the deep natural nuttiness of the Nokomis base, then very quickly you get a perfectly balanced dark chocolate flavour that’s reminiscent of a quality 80% dark chocolate with a hint of nutty tobacco that isn’t particularly sweet. It combines to form a nutty chocolate (think elements of Ferrero Rocher and Nutella) in a devilish explosion of chocolate and nut goodness. This stuff is so more’ish, you might need to drop nicotine level so you can vape more (and avoid nicotine brain ache). IxCaCao should definitely be on your next order. In fact if you breathe, your lungs will thank you for trying this!

Mojave Dessert is lighter than the others in the range as it’s the only one that the deep nutty tobacco Nokomis base doesn’t come through with, instead it tastes more like a sweet tobacco. It's got that refreshing moist, slightly perfumed tartiness to it. There’s almost a taste of mountain honey (think honeydew melon), hints of ginger, some cake and a host of other sweet things in there to tantalise the taste buds. The sweetness and freshness make this tobacco, it’s no less complex than the others but you will have to work your concentration to identify the subtle flavours more.

Nanabhozo is described as a richly sweet tobacco blend with a subtle banana desert flavour topping and is considered to be a Powwow Sauce, with added banana. Let me tell you, the taste is definitely banana and as banana is a bit of a love/hate thing for me – I really don’t love it, I hate it – I had to get a friend to give their verdict this one: The sweet maple syrup and oaty hobnob tones of Powwow tobacco base on the inhale gives way to a smooth, genuinely fresh banana sweetness on the exhale. I found the tobacco to be very subtle in this one, only picking it up after a few minutes of vaping. The thing this juice reminded me of, was banana bread floating in a bowl of custard. The slight maltiness in this liquid serves to underline this observation, and the liquid itself has almost a stickiness on the palate that suits the banana bread analogy. Overall, it’s an easy all day vape for banana and maple fans – not sickly in the slightest and still retains that grown up vibe from the oaty hobnob and flavour tobacco base.

Powwow Sauce is another tobacco fusion, a sweet satisfying blend of dark and light tobacco with some added biscuity sweetness, and a familiar desert flavoured top note. Powwow Sauce deserves the praise it gets, the guys over at Manabush have done a fantastic job with this blend. This is not your everyday RY4 or even vaguely similar, this is in a class of its own. It has a really ‘grown up’ vibe to it, something that is decadent enough to be a real treat, but still light enough to be an all day vape. The inhale on Powwow is a powerful, sweet, caramelised maple syrup, lightened by a smooth, earthy and oaty undertone of the tobacco base. To me it's a scrummy hobnob biscuit with a delicately sweet custard topping. Throat hit is medium to strong, and the exhale is a medley of the same tones, with slightly more tobacco hints that borders on tea/tannins, and a light, creamy custardy wash over the tongue. The great thing about Manabush e-liquids is that even tobacco haters would love them. A lovely all day vape, for everyone.

Waxahachie is suitably named after the ‘Gingerbread City’ in Texas. Can you guess what flavour this one is? A full-on sticky, warm, rich gingerbread cake with a a hint of chocolate that will set your taste buds tingling in anticipation. Waxahachie is another top quality tobacco fusion e-liquid. The maple tobacco base doesn’t take precedence here, but provides a delicious, sweet nutty undertone to the juice. Waxahachie’s main event is gingerbread flavour that has been totally nailed, it hits with a warm spiciness to the throat. Ginger cake bakery goodness dominate with a drizzle of chocolate on top and that tobacco nuttiness in the background base. Manabush really assert their mastery as mixologists with this one. If this doesn’t satisfy your hidden cake monster (we all have one), then nothing will!

Wow, what a ride. It’s always a pleasure to review something that is so obviously good that you have to pinch yourself occasionally to make sure you haven’t dropped off in a haze of contented vapour. These flavours can all see their way to being an all-day-vape and for many, they already are.

Every one of these are fine quality juices. Which ones you enjoy will be a matter of subjective preference, rather than a matter of greater or lesser quality. When describing what’s best in an e-liquid, taste is always subjective – what you might like may make me hurl, and what I like may cause you to spend ten minutes praying to the great white porcelain god. So my advice is to go and get a sample pack trying them all. Right now! They really are that good, believe the hype!

10/ Premium Labs, the leading make of vape juice/e-liquid

Premium Labs – Dr Fog's / Ever Cloud

Premium Labs need no introduction, this Canadian company have won more awards for their e-liquids than any other juice manufacturer in the world. They are the favourite brand of many a vaper since 2014. The head honcho and juice supremo Sammy Fog is the absolute master at creating complex e-liquid flavour recreations.

Premium Labs use quality ingredients sourced from across the world, to create some of the best premium e-liquid available in the market. All of their flavours and blends are completely original recipes and their huge flavour line-up are consistently rated by consumers at 5 out of 5 stars.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet get my hands on them for review (which will hopefully happen soon), until then i’ll just have to list the Tobacco and Ever Cloud ranges I intend to review with the manufacturer descriptions:

Cinnamon Custard Tobacco
A rich tobacco perfectly balanced with a creamy cinnamon custard.

Mocha Tobacco
A dark and luxurious blend of tobacco with rich chocolate and coffee.

Creme Brulee Tobacco
A sweet and rich blend of tobacco and a vanilla custard, with deep notes of caramel.

Honey Graham Tobacco
A sweet and crunchy blend of honey graham and tobacco.

VC Tobacco
Soothing tobacco with vanilla and caramel mix.

H Bee Tobacco
The rich taste of tobacco, mixed honey.

Pistachio Cigar
A bold, smooth and unique blend of subtle pistachio and traditional tobacco.

11/ Indigene, the top make of vape juice/e-liquid

Indigéne E-liquid

Indigene e-liquid

After the first flush of flavour experimentation, some vapers are on the lookout for more grown-up brands away from the mainstream popular juice brands. Indigéne exists to fill this void and offer vapers a choice of something a more thoughtful with e-liquids tailored to the vape connoisseur.

Indigéne e-liquid is a collaborative project between the master mixologists at Manabush and Druid's Brew. The two brands share a common philosophy – they aim to create unique flavour mixes that transcend the norm, produce something a little more engaging, add complex character for the discerning vaper, and are interesting on the palate. With twice the expertise working on meticulously crafted flavours we can expect truly incredible results, and boy do we get brilliant results!

Indigéne liquids are like nothing I’ve tasted to date. It’s easy to band around the phrase ‘grown up’, especially when describing mixes that sit outside the typical super sweet juices that form the bulk of the e-liquid market. Their e-liquids are made with the best flavour components the world has to offer, welding the complexity of tobaccos with an identifiable core to create something unique, subtle yet with wide appeal. Their e-liquids are for someone who enjoys the richness and warmth that tobacco brings, but also enjoys exploring unusual complimentary flavours that work well with them too.

Tamahaac is a luxurious Kentucky style tobacco with fig and other complimentary flavours – a well rounded, pronounced ‘proper adult’ centric tobacco and is the foundation stone of their range. The tobacco flavour opens with an oaken, resinous and lightly smoky flavour, along with a touch of dark blackstrap molasses. The balance is is perfectly judged and completed by the use of fig, lending to a naturally soft, slightly honeyed sweetness to the unique flavoured mix. Initially the inclusion of fig certainly seemed a little unusual, nevertheless it literally blew me away to a point that Tamahaac intrigues me, I’m constantly discovering new layers of flavour, enjoying it’s subtle complexities. It’s an absolutely divine juice, you seriously need some of this marvellous nectar in your life. Don’t think about it, don’t question it, just buy it and enjoy vape heaven!

Kona Paka – is a synergy between tobacco and coffee, these two elements combine aromas and flavours so well together. On the vape, Kona Paka shows it’s Tamahaac base right from the first draw, but as the session continues, the layers of flavour build and blossom. It grows into an absolutely wondrous and identifiable Kona coffee (black, a little rich and with a touch of sweetness), and while the coffee unfolds, a slightly bitter chocolate also adds an extra strata of complexity, along with a deliciously rich mocha caramel to balance out this bitterness with a touch of sweetness. It may be my imagination but I also get a few nutty notes in there too, but I think that is due to the juice featuring the Tamahaac base, which serves to provide even more layered depth to this amazing flavour. Kona Paka delivered way more than I expected, and for me is the greatest coffee e-liquid that I’ve always dreamed of! It’s depth of flavour and intricate layering is sublime.

Paraxu is a seductive blend of the Tamahaac base, infused with Turkish tobacco and Grape. It really is something quite middle eastern and exotic in it’s aroma with beautiful floral notes of rose water, layered carefully with a subtle sweet muskiness of the grape. These extra notes gently wrap themselves around the Tamahaac tobacco fig core, when combined with a slightly sweet Turkish tobacco layer (with hints of caramelised brown sugar) it gets taken somewhere completely different. Paraxu is a delightful vape, and really has to be experienced to even begin to understand how unique it is in the world of e-liquids in general, let alone that of tobaccos.

As you can gather from my gushing praise, these juices are an outstanding offering from Indigéne. This company is certainly going to achieve great things and amass an informed following! We say, you should embrace their complex flavours and take pleasure in expanding your vaping horizons.