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The best RY4 e-liquids or vape juices available in the UK

Welcome to our list of 11 of the best award winning RY4 e-liquids in the UK. Check them out for your next vaping juice inspiration, and find the best flavour(s) for you in your next vape. Ranked in no particular order.

RY4 2021

01/ Glas RY4 Butterscotch, the biggest selling RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Glas Basix Butterscotch Reserve


Firstly the bottle is not glass and this e-liquid flavour is far from basic, there certainly isn't anything simple about this take on RY4 as it's a multiple award winning juice and should come in a trophy cup with a certificate. A ‘Grand’ Reserve as extraordinary butterscotch and caramel ingredients are blended perfectly with a creamy RY4 for a an excellent multi-layered tobacco experience. Believe the hype, it is real and definitely very moreish!

I've tried many different RY4 based E-Liquids in my time, and the Butterscotch Reserve is up there with my all time favourites. Yes, the Glas RY4 is a little more on the sweeter side than others I’ve tried, but it’s not sickeningly sweet.

The tobacco notes in this e-juice are secondary to the butterscotch and the caramel, but still noticeable. The caramel sits on the tongue throughout a vape but the minute you focus on either of the dessert notes, the slightly woody, earthy tobacco notes pull on your senses so you have a delicious tobacco smoked caramel in the mouth on exhale, with tobacco smoked butterscotch in the nose.

The liquid is genius, like a smoked caramel and tobacco-burnt butter, yum. The perfect tobacco!

Glas just oozes quality and I've personally found a new all day vape with Glas RY4 Butterscotch Tobacco as it's a truly outstanding flavour experience, mixed to perfection. I couldn’t be more impressed, I love the flavour and would highly recommend this e-liquid to anyone as it would suit pretty much anyone's tastes!

02/ Charlie Noble Pistachio, the best flavour RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Charlie Noble Pistachio RY4


This Charlie Noble juice line is another offering from the seasoned mixologists that have been in the vaping industry since 2011. Their RY4 is described as bright pistachio, layered with delicious blends of vanilla, caramel, and light tobacco. The flavours play off one another to create a smooth, sophisticated vape – they believe that you will taste the difference.

For me, the Charlie Noble RY4 Pistachio is a delicious RY4 liquid that has an easily recognisable, but not too dominant pistachio twang. There is a pretty clear separation where you can taste which elements of the vape are RY4 and which are pistachio. The nut is pronounced at the exhale, this endows this liquid with a unique touch. The end notes also contain a delicious uniqueness that holds a somewhat earthy, light tobacco tone.

The RY4 is not too sweet, as the pistachio tapers back the caramel to give it balance. I'd like to consider Charlie Noble Pistachio RY4 as an all-day-vape, but in reality it's more of a refined liquid of choice for an evening vaping after dinner (akin to images in old films where one retires to the drawing room for a brandy and a smoke).

I'd recommend this liquid for those looking for a tobacco with a new sensation, or for those who want to find a new twist in their flavour rotation (to avoid a dulling of flavours caused by vapers tongue).

The geniuses at Charlie Noble have ensured that this fantastic flavour is polished to perfection.

Left RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Centre RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Right E-liquid / Juice


03/ Charlie's Chalk Dust Campfire, the most ingredients in an RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Campfire by Charlies Chalk Dust


Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a great e-liquid company that any e-cigarette user should try at least once as all of the flavour profiles are entirely unique. Every e-liquid from Charlie’s absolutely lives up to its description. If you read a description of a Charlie’s e-liquid and find it appealing, you should definitely pick it up. The flavours are extremely well executed, they’ll taste exactly as you expect.

Campfire by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is not a true RY4 but I love this e-liquid! On the sweet side but definitely not sickly, it’s incredibly smooth and enjoyable in that has a nice smoky feel to it that goes in combination with the other ingredients to remind me off an RY4 with a twist.

The flavour profile is lashings of milk chocolate with the most perfectly toasted marshmallow set atop a sweet digestive biscuit and smooshed down to let all the amazing ooey-gooey goodness melt together with a hint of smoke! – it’s not just marshmallows toasted on a fire, it’s better, think a smoky / sweet hazelnut treat in a bottle.

As you inhale this vape juice, creamy smoke-kissed marshmallow flavour will delight your taste buds on impact. Then, the smoothest and richest milk chocolate will wash over your tongue. On the exhale, sugary and buttery digestive biscuit flavour will complete this tasty vape experience.

I really enjoy CCD vapes and this campfire one is a hit, your taste buds will be treated to that smoke-infused marshmallow taste with each puff. The roasted hazelnuts and oats are sweet and smooth and you can definitely taste the marshmallow, but it's not overpowering in any way. This is one of my favourite liquids by far at the moment, the exquisite flavour layers satisfy a sweet tooth, as well as the soul.

04/ Cafe Racer Lucky 13, the most award winning RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Cafe Racer Number 13


Lucky 13 e-juice by Cafe Racer is sensational award-winning take on the classic RY4 style featuring creamy vanilla, toasted almond and caramel topped off with just the right amount of smooth, Naturally Extracted Tobacco from the very finest Virginia leaves.

This ensures a mild, exceptionally authentic tobacco experience unlike anything else I have ever tried. When it comes to real tobacco e-liquids, very few can compete with the sensational creations offered by Cafe Racer (apart from Five Pawns and Blacknote, but that’s a different take on NET).

It’s a very complex vape, although one can definitely taste all the flavours mentioned in the description, they are blended together so well, that they create a whole new flavour – one unlike anything else I had ever tasted before. Think, nutty caramelised vanilla if you will, and yes it tastes as good as it sounds.

Cafe Racer say it pairs well with your favourite IPA or other craft beer and was winner of best in show at Vape Summit for Tobacco and has also won several other awards from events around the world. Lucky 13 is bound to also appeal to fans of dessert vapes as the tobacco is quite subtle on the senses. Two thumbs up!

This tobacco e-juice so smooth and mellow it will have you coming back for another tasteful lung. A solid vape through & through that definitely warrants thought an ADV as it's an incredibly flavourful, enjoyable tobacco vape. The taste was so amazing I actually went through a 50 ml bottle in about 4 days.

05/ Five Pawns, the premium RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Five Pawns – Black Flag Risen


Thankfully 5P’s Blag Flag Risen is a redevelopment of their original Black Flag Fallen (an e-liquid that had literally fallen on it’s arse with the vaping community, as whilst it tasted rather good, the clouds it produced kind of stank). The all-new Black Flag Risen has been reformulated to remedy this breach of etiquette.

While I don't normally do more full-on tobacco vapes, this one is a very special juice in my opinion – it’s so delicate and complex – it's the only tobacco that i've tried that hasn't been given away after the first inhale, which for me indicates that it’s clever stuff and a truly magical vape! It is juice-making that deserves accolades.

Five Pawns say this e-liquid is inspired by an eccentric drink called ‘cigarettes & coffee’ at their local watering hole. So, if you enjoy the incredible taste of a cappuccino and tobacco in the morning, you will surely love Black Flag Risen. Forget your normal run of the mill coffee flavoured vapes – this one is in a different galaxy, probably even a universe.

And that’s exactly what this little beauty replicates but with hidden twists and depths. Black Flag Risen begins with flue-cured Virginia tobacco leaves (NET), then there's some chocolate and walnutty notes around that brown sugar cured tobacco flavour. It's sweet without seeming fake, rounded with a truffle cream and hints of espresso cappuccino. Coffee, cream, and chocolatey nuts – as all the flavours here are mild, YUM! I hate that it's so expensive because I could definitely ADV this.

That hint of tobacco is the merest but it seems to soak up the chocolaty mocha bringing new life into deep dark coffee before that whack of walnut adds yet another layer before the twist comes with a hint of sweet mystery from the truffle cream. These various flavours work together flawlessly, delivering a genuinely pleasant vape that you are sure to love.

We expect Black Flag Risen to join the mantle of Five Pawns' other award-winners. Black Flag Risen takes complexity and mixology to a new level by mixing flavours we couldn't have imagined to be found in a single e-liquid. Meticulously-crafted, no other e-liquid company has manages to create such complex and intricate flavours in the way Five Pawns have. Every note truly enhances the others, providing a multifaceted vaping experience that is nothing short of sensational.

This juice would be ideal for vapers who have recently quit smoking or is trying to quit by vaping. I’m actually stunned by this one – as it is off-beat, surprisingly unconventional, it sweeps you up in a warm wave of RY4’esk creamy goodness.

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06/ Cuttwood Tobacco Trail, the greatest RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail


Cuttwood is a brand that is a cut above the rest (sorry but I just had to shoehorn that bad pun in), and is a well regarded premium e-liquid producer that has earn't many a 5 star review around the world.

Their Tobacco Trail is marketed as ‘a mild, clean, sweet tobacco flavour, with just a touch of honey on the exhale – a light, all-day-vape worthy e-liquid that even non-tobacco vapers will enjoy.’

This is definitely true to the description on every front. Mild, clean, sweet - check. A solid, true tobacco with a tinge of actual honey - check. Light, ADVapeable and has a non-tobacco vapers star of approval (my mate) - definite check.

It's just SO smooth, light, imperceptibly spiced, with a sweet genuine honey flavour that gives a warming hug. The ingredients are combined at just the right ratios so that each hit leaves you a good, mild tingly sweetness in your mouth.

As with all of their other e-liquid flavours, Tobacco Trail is nothing short of sensational with their e-liquid mixtures, it provides a truly divine taste that is probably going to be an ADV for quite a few vapers. Vape and enjoy.

07/ Black Note, the superior RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Black Note Sonata


Black Note is the perfect e-liquid brand for a tobacco connoisseur. Even if you don’t usually go for purer tobacco e-liquids, Sonata has the power to impress, as it captures the essence of the genuine article with a natural twist to the RY4 genre and is truly something beautiful to vape.

Black Note have gone to extraordinary lengths to capture the subtleties and complexities of tobacco, in Sonata they don’t get lost, the flavours come through like the genuine article.

Sonata is quite possibly the sweetest tobacco juice from the Black Note range, and one very worthy of all day vape status. It’s made by the Cavendish method of double fermentation, a process of taking dark fire-cured Virginia tobacco leaves which are then steam-treated and oak-barrel cured under pressure, to produce a tobacco with brilliant intensity and rich taste. The tobacco becomes sweeter, mellower and has an aromatic fragrance.

The resultant e-liquid is a very natural sweet tobacco vape (not anything like fruit sweetness), one that lingers on the taste buds, with what I detected to be a nutty undercurrent and almost a creamy feel to the vape. The sweet overtones becoming more prominent towards the end of your draw. Delicious! There is still some noticeable throat hit here, but this is counterbalanced by the smooth and sweet Virginia tobacco leaf, that makes for a truly outstanding vape.

It is a mild tobacco flavour, suitable for those that want the taste without the hard edge of tobacco – another one with the potential to hook-in vapers otherwise uninterested in tobacco flavours.

08/ Manabush Pow Wow, the best RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Manabush POWWOW


Most vapers start with some sort of tobacco flavour, then branch out into the huge range of options available. Fortunately some get stuck in the middle with flavours from Manabush, and enjoy their tobacco fusions far more than they ever did smoking analogues.

Powwow sauce has been one of the most popular in the Manabush range over the years, the hype in itself can sometimes lead to disappointment mainly due to high expectation. But I’m sure you will join me in appreciation for this splendid juice.

Powwow Sauce is completely different from any tobacco you’ve experienced before. The base flavour is a blend of dark and light tobaccos (not too intrusive), sweetened with an oaty ‘hobnob’ style biscuit, then overlaid with a delicious dessert layer fusion (the secret part of the recipe, which we think tastes like a cross between caramelised maple syrup and vanilla custard). Totally unique from any other brand I have tried.

The result is an amazingly complex, rich in flavour with a fascinating mix of sweet and tobacco.

Looking back, my first ever draw on Powwow was a bit of a surprise, first it seemed too ???? something, but persevered as I trust the brand. The taste was difficult to explain, an equally scrumptious enjoyable sweet tobacco inhale turns to a deep and lingering dessert based exhale. What I tasted was a sort of toffee cream flavour mixed with a twist of an earthy Manabush tobacco tone. The smell reminds me of Haagen Dazs' toffee ice cream too, utterly amazing.

This is not your everyday RY4 or even vaguely similar, this is in a class of its own. It has a really ‘grown-up’ vibe to it, something that is decadent enough to be a real treat, but still light enough to be an all day vape. There a lot of people who say this is one of the best liquids they've every tried. All of these people are absolutely right. I’m very impressed and this one is a keeper.

Powwow Sauce deserves the praise it gets, Manabush have done a fantastic job with this blend. If you’re not a tobacco flavour fan don’t let this put you off, it’s definitely not a tobacco heavy juice. It’s an easy all day MTL vape and a juice I do buy again without hesitation.

09/ Ruthless, the leading RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Ruthless Ducle de Tobacco


Ruthless e-liquids have been making top quality juices that have beed loved worldwide for many years now. Their premium Dulce De Tobacco e-liquid is an expertly layered tobacco blend inspired by the popular RY4 flavour and is extremely enjoyable.

Dulce De Tobacco by Ruthless is one of the e-liquids that you will easily fall in love with. This e-juice flavour features rich custard, condensed milk, luscious amounts of creamy caramel and easily encapsulates the essence of fine tobacco leaf. The flavour is sweet, earthy, and well-balanced.

When you open the bottle of Dulce De Tobacco, you can smell the caramel and tobacco flavour. On the inhale, you can taste a uniquely different sweet milky caramel that doesn’t taste like any other caramel vape out there. It will remind you of munching the type of caramel sweets that stick to your teeth (Werthers Originals). You’ll want to immerse yourself in the caramel of this e-juice.

This is a firm favourite with me. It has a golden toffee, bittersweet creamy flavour on the exhale and is well cut with a premium tobacco mouth hit on the draw. Very satisfying and reminiscent of a Manabush Powwow, but with more intensity. A sophisticated juice that is bound to satisfy your palette’s innermost cravings of caramel bliss and refined tobacco, all with a touch of complexity that you won't find elsewhere.

Love this flavour, it delivers a really satisfying vape for the tobacco addict that still lies buried within. Sweet, tobaccoey perfection!

10/ Firehouse, the top RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Old Smoke by Firehouse Vape


Firehouse Vape are a newly established UK E-Liquid brand that aim to produce the best possible tasting e-liquids from the finest ingredients, they are committed to igniting your taste buds with uncontrollable, fiery flavours!

The managing director is a former firefighter, hence the name, and wanted to produce an interesting brand based around a firefighting theme. An "Old Smoke" is an old hand at firefighting, nothing phases them, they are far too set in their ways to try anything new! The Old Smoke wouldn't entertain any other flavour than Tobacco! So, this classic tobacco is made to honour this hardy character. A distinguished hero requires an equally-distinguished vape, Old Smoke is nothing but pure, mature distinction and the smoky texture will fill you with confidence as you fight on through the blaze of life.

This regal and refined e-liquid is characterised by rich notes of aromatic tobacco soaked in warming vanilla bean and creates plumes of full-bodied flavour, just like a real inferno!

Old Smoke almost reminds me of an early RY4, I find it a light and extremely smooth tobacco with a creamy caramel undertone, the kind of flavour that I can go back to time and time again. RY4 tobacco is such a difficult flavour to master and this is one of the the best!

Overall, a great vape that serves as a perfect introduction for those looking to get away from cigarettes and aren’t taken by overly sweet or dessert juices. Treat your taste buds to a baptism by fire! No more puns please, I give in!

11/ Ripe VCT, the highest quality RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Ripe Vapes VCT


Now there can be no doubt that Ripe Vapes is a master eLiquid creator that offers up a distinct array of award-winning flavours. This e-liquid is expertly blended and artfully crafted to create a flavour worthy of the word ‘excellence’. Ripe Vapes say that VCT is sophisticated ‘joose’ that’s sure to leave you desiring more and is aimed to please both the novice, and the distinguished smoker.

Sure the VCT tastes like they spent a good amount of time perfecting it. A very pleasant, rich and (not overly) sweet variation on the RY4 profile. This one is with custard, and it works well. As expected, the tobacco component in VCT is in no way reminiscent of an actual cigarette and the flavour is all the better for it! The balance they've achieved between the creamy custard and the tobacco is phenomenal – the little touches RV has added just make VCT stand out.

VCT is a delicious and remarkable flavoured tobacco that really does have a deep rustic atmosphere to it. A smooth, semi-rich sweet tobacco bottom layer on the tongue as you inhale, quickly over taken by a medium vanilla custard and mild nutmeg spicing that then merge back into a sweet buttery tobacco flavour with a nutty finish. The description says almonds but I just get a nice nutty aspect that adds to the tobacco. A very unique, complex e-liquid, and very good. I like it a lot – some have even gone to describe it as the MOAV (Mother of all Vape).

Ripe Vapes was one of the first in the super premium category and this juice proves why. VCT is a very cleverly blended vape where all the flavours contained just work so well together! I’m adding VCT to my rotation, there’s always room for one more good RY4 tobacco.

12/ RY Whore, the tastiest RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

RY Wh•re by Chefs Vapours


Chef’s Flavours are best known for having one of the most comprehensive selections of flavourings on the planet but they also create their own blends and one shots, with years of experience to back them up. RY-Whore is their most popular tobacco one. It has an indulgent caramel top note, with a bright vanilla base, accents of almond and pecan and of course a light tobacco finish. This is a little heavier in terms of the dessert notes and that’s why I love it.

This is a great juice, unmistakably RY4 but with more caramel/vanilla than tobacco but there's something else going on that I can't work out, something savoury I reckon. But it doesn't detract from the sweetness. It's become my daily vape but there is a downside, people tell me it doesn't smell too good in the air. Don't know why that is but three people on different occasions have told me that. Not gonna stop me though, I’m a sucker for RY4, I’ve probably tried nearly all of the RY4s in existence (in that respect you could probably call me an RY Whore), and for this one I would probably do anything to carry on vaping this nutty caramel tobacco sensation.

They also do a concentrate, which is an excellent flavour by itself, but even better when mixed with another flavour. It works great with anything you’d want to add that makes sense with a sweet tobacco. When I started using it, my vaping increased exponentially. So be careful, and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT under any circumstances make a juice using this flavouring if you want to quit vaping someday. You’ve been warned, hell you’ve ALL BEEN WARNED! Use at your own risk.

12/ Beard Vape, one of the most popular RY4 vape juice/e-liquid

Beard X Series No.00


Beard Vape Co is one of the most recognisable brand names within the juice industry, thanks in part to their unique branding featuring a bearded man with sunglasses! Admittedly, the concept of the bearded hipster happily vaping away is a bit stereotypical. The reality is that the vaping community is a diverse lot, drawn from every walk of life. Nevertheless, I still quite like the innovative oh-so-clever-marketing.

Beard Vape Co e-liquids are created in Venice, California and have a certain flair for incredible artisan bakery vapes as a rule, but the juice we are interested in as an all day vape is the No.00 Tobaccoccino. One of the most immaculate tobacco and coffee e-liquid flavour combinations on the market today.

No.00 e-liquid is an exquisite Arabian tobacco blend with a dark, sweet twist. The addition of smooth cappuccino coffee straight from the espresso machine. The aromatic scent of high-quality tobacco leaves and steamed espresso is an incredibly balanced flavour with a mouth feel and throat hit beyond expectation. The robust tobacco is consistent throughout with notes of smooth caramel and rich cream, followed by a bold cappuccino taste to finish things off in this luxurious layered vape.

A classy, sophisticated vape juice that is so smooth and delicious, it really is a great daily vape option. I'm impressed with how addictive this special masterpiece is.

Only Beard Vape Co can give vape enthusiasts that invigorating flavour combination that they crave with the most authentic taste possible. Thanks to their team of creative experts, we can now enjoy this combination whenever we want to, get your taste buds started in the right direction – a classic way to start your vaping day that will satisfy your deepest cravings.

No.00 E-Juice by Beard is so incredible that even those who don’t enjoy tobacco e-juices can appreciate the luxurious taste of this phenomenal e-liquid. Come find out why this legendary vape juice will inspire imitators and admirers alike!