The best tobacco e-liquids or vape juices available in the UK

Welcome to our list of over 10 of the best tobacco e-liquids available to the UK market (with a sweet tobacco lean). Check them out for your next tobacco juice inspiration, and find which is the best tobacco variant for you to try out in your next vape. Ranked in no particular order.


01/ Nasty Juice, the leading tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Nasty Juice Silver Tobacco

We all know that tobacco goes exceptionally well with sweet, smooth accents. This particular blend delivers that combination exceptionally well. A brilliant balance of realistic tobacco tones together with the perfect level of sweetness to create a truly decadent flavour that we can all crave.

I’ve been a big fan of Nasty's juices for a while, their silver blend is a solid vape juice to have in any e-liquid collection. It helps bridge the transition from smoking analogs to vaping by allowing you to enjoy fine tobacco flavours wrapped in a unique, and somewhat healthier experience. The rich, earthy tobaccos come together with a silky smooth vanilla custard that helps to mellow out the tobacco slightly, giving an inhale that goes down so easily and pleasantly, that you will become completely obsessed.

There are no concerns over this tobacco juice’s throat hit, the silver blend goes down so smoothly because of the quality ingredients used in making of it. Nasty Juice make this authentic blend with unparalleled attention to detail, so that the taste of this e-juice doesn’t get old.

Overall, a super smooth creamy vanilla juice with a really subtle sweet flavour, a mild tobacco base with an almost pastry/biscuity type twang. This blend can become your new day-to-day vaping companion that will never let you down.

Allow yourself to indulge in this decadent, luxurious e-liquid.

02/ Element, the biggest selling tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

555 Tobacco by Element

Element E-Liquid is well known and highly regarded for their exceptionally high quality e-juices. Element say that the 555 is a masterful tapestry of tobacco. I have to agree. This unique, multi-layered elixir has much more than you’d expect from anything in the tobacco category.

555 Tobacco is a recreation of the classic RY4 tobacco flavour but with a richer taste. It’s very much like one, but in some ways it surpasses a lot of the other RY4s I have tried with it’s phenomenal balance and subtleness of the various flavour notes.

The 555 inhale begins with a natural tasting, hand-picked tobacco leaf base which is skilfully balanced with various warm notes of walnut, hazelnut, and almonds to provide a thick multi-layered nutty combo that is nothing short of sensational. Element even goes further by complementing this with a hint of caramel and vanilla for a slightly sweet and absolutely flawless finish with real depth.

The flavours really do bind fantastically together, and become more addictive as one goes through a bottle. A totally amazing experience!

In my opinion, this juice should be the sort of thing you’d ideally should leave for a special occasion, but personally I am happy to vape this fabulous juice all day long. Make sure you have some Element 555 in your juice stash, you won’t be able to put it down.

Left RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Centre RY4 E-liquid / Juice


Right E-liquid / Juice


03/ Darkstar Barrel Aged Tobacco, the tastiest tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

DS Barrel Aged Tobacco

Over the years I've had just about every dessert tobacco you can think of, and in my opinion Barrel Aged Tobacco by DarkStar is way up there with most of the other premium offerings I’ve tried. Amazing to consider as it’s a DIY 'shake-and-vape' concentrate that can be purchased for way less than factory mixed products.

BAT by Darkstar is not like any other tobacco e-liquid, it is a complex combination of tantalisingly sweet tobaccos and smooth dessert notes that are developed by ageing in specially treated oak barrels.

I've no idea if the barrel ageing does it or not but the flavour is amazing, think Colombian brewed coffee, tones of custard, butterscotch and roasted plum blended into a smooth South American tobacco (a sweeter tobacco with a hazelnut, caramel aftertaste). The flavour intensity is not so strong in that it would slap you around the face, but there is enough there to make a perfect ADV.

For myself, I loved BAT from my very first inhale. With the high street marketplace flooded with mediocre juices, Barrel Aged Tobacco is a welcome find – it's a well rounded dessert vape, a little rich, a lot moreish, and nothing else mainstream can give me the same satisfaction – so please Darkstar never stop making it.

BAT by Darkstar has a very loyal following of experienced die-hard vapers who know what they are talking about, so much so, that it regularly polls highly in the eCigClick award poll for best tobacco flavour.

04/ Black Note, a superior tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Black Note Prelude

Plenty of juice makers will sell you a tobacco flavour. The better ones can come up with a pretty convincing replica of Virginia tobacco. Prelude from Black Note e-liquid takes things to a completely different level. This vape e-liquid is top end and brings you the unique, naturally sweet flavour of flue-cured Virginia tobacco (flue-cured VT has a natural sweet taste, probably the most highly regarded sweet tobacco in the world).

Prelude is surely the closest you’ll ever get to replicating an analogue tobacco flavour. It reminds me of taking a drag on an unlit cigarette (a refined brand such as Dunhill). It has an undercurrent of sweetness mixed with a mild blend of slightly nutty natural tobacco flavour, perfect for a new switcher to vaping as it’s nice and gentle – smooth and authentic, with a wide-ranging appeal thanks to the prominent sweetness.

It tastes refined, like a fine scotch. Probably the lightest from Black Note, it's subtleness will make it universally enjoyable. Doesn't gunk coils at all. Prelude is the best natural tobacco flavour I've ever had, a natural sweetness that you cant fake. Prelude is light, airy, naturally sweet and with no nasty chemical after taste. Truly superb.

No, I’m not making this up. Prelude has a lovely sweet buttery Virginia tobacco flavour, which is absolutely to die for. Despite me not normally liking purer tobacco flavours that much, I would vape this e-liquid all day, if it wasn't so expensive!

05/ Halo/Purity Tribeca, the top tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Tribeca by Purity UK (Halo USA)

Although there are plenty e-liquid brands that have won awards for an individual liquid flavour, Purity (or Halo in the US) is one of the very few that has won accolades across their entire collection of e-liquids.

In my never ending quest to find the most perfect vape, I had to encounter Purity/Halo e-liquids at some point as pretty much every connoisseur of fine e-liquid has had many a great thing to say. That brings us to Tribeca, as among their meticulously crafted product line-up, Tribeca is undoubtedly their flagship tobacco offering – it is second-to-none, and blended to absolute perfection.

There is a reason Tribeca is regarded as one of the most phenomenal tobacco e-liquid flavours in the entire vaping industry – if you’ve tried it, you already know why. It is actually hard to get a “real” tobacco flavour without burning leaves, but I think Halo has mastered the tobacco flavour market with this one.

This is a damn tasty vape. Let me try and describe it for you. I'm getting a digestive biscuit taste, caramel and a nice toasty tobacco undertone as an added dimension. It's nice and sweet, but not too sweet. I can taste the tobacco, but it's not the first thing I taste. It’s superbly well layered, ultra smooth sumptuously caramel heavy on the inhale and emits a half sweet top note that you can taste upon exhale – somewhat similar to a RY4. With a nice throat hit and incredible vapour production, it’s no wonder why Tribeca is one of the most popular liquids.

Overall it's a smooth RY4, that is strong on flavour but light enough to be an all day vape! Purity/Halo deserves a Mexican wave for this truly delightful e-liquid. Tribeca is an extremely smooth and flavourful tobacco that seems to get better with each drag. Tribeca vapes extremely clean and crisp, and stays completely true to its description.

Purity (or Halo in the US) is not to be confused with Halo Vapour Co in the UK.

RY4 Emporium E-liquid Shop

06/ Brews Bros, the best flavour tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Brews Bros Black Reserve

Tobacco is seen to be something to get off. However, the continuing popularity of tobacco flavour juices proves they still very much have a place in the vaping industry.

I'm very partial to a good tobacco vape, and I must say I was really keen to try this one out and definitely wasn't disappointed!

The Brews Bros (2 brothers based in Lincolnshire) have created a powerful little number here with Black Reserve, it’s their flagship tobacco recipe – one that is that it’s totally bursting with flavour!

They say it’s made using the finest locally sourced ingredients, but I have to ask where the hell do tobacco plants grow in Lincoln? Who cares, Black Reserve is a perfectly formulated double leaf blend, steeped over a couple of weeks to concentrate flavours and to develop multiple, complex tones.

It has a deep flavour profile with touches of cream and honey to make this liquid a smooth, almost a pipe like tobacco vape that's way better than any plain old tobacco variant. The cream and honey hints propagate all the way throughout to round this liquid off perfectly to be one of my favourite ADV’s.

Overall, I find Black Reserve to have a very smooth texture, a smokey tobacco e-liquid with a caramel/chocolate tone to it, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day! Brews Bros have come up with something truly special.

07/ Doozy Vape, one of the most popular tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Doozy Vape Golden Elixir

E-liquids evolve year on year and we are now at a stage where expectations have never been higher. Doozy Vape Co have a passion in producing a range of liquids for us to enjoy using only the best ingredients. The Doozy range caters to all palettes, but their Golden Elixir stands out by a mile, a caramel tobacco that’s a wonderful halfway house between a dessert and tobacco. It’s ideal as a first e-liquid for someone just getting into vaping.

This golden elixir will leave you mesmerised and you’ll never feel the desire to be freed from it’s spellbinding potion. This juice has a really inviting sweet aroma, with a lovely caramel back note that sits on top of a light tobacco tone. The taste is a silky smooth tobacco that is combined perfectly with an indulgent caramel toffee and a hint of vanilla.

On the inhale you get warming melted toffee, enshrouded in a smooth tasting tobacco, with the vanilla making it all, that little bit special with extra depths of flavour. The exhale begins with the tobacco notes quickly turning into velvety plumes of caramel yumminess. The light tobacco infusion, holds the caramel addition well, to bring out the sweet high notes of the tobacco as it travels. Cleverly finishing the exhale with an extremely moorish well balanced sweet aftertaste.

Doozy have managed to produce an extremely clean, sharp tobacco based vape, with the perfect level of sweetness. Creating a vape that will appeal to most tobacco chasers, as well as the sweet toothed amongst us that are looking for a great flavourful all day vape.

The higher VG blend version also manages to combine great flavour with a great amount of thick white vapour. All be it with a slight twist in the change of the PG/VG ratio to alter the flavours so that more earthy and woody notes of tobacco come through, seamlessly blended with the caramel to soften it out. Impressive.

08/ vGod Cubano, the top tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

VGOD Cubano Silver

Under the buttery bright vanilla summer moon on the creamy coast of Santa Maria del Mar, you’re watching the warm waves roll in. With sweet sounds of rumba in the distance, you reach for your vape mod to relish in the rarity of a truly classic full flavoured Cuban cigar infused with a warm top note of buttery vanilla custard, rounded off with a hint of spice, sweet caramelised brown sugar and honey for the finish. In a flash, you take another deep pull and instantly you’re ready for whatever the night brings.

Romanticised mumbo jumbo aside, for a true reflection of the taste – just imagine strolling into a reputable tobacconist's walk-in humidor, taking a deep thoughtful draw, then taking a big sip on a vanilla milkshake before you exhale. This describes VGOD's Cubano Silver down to a T.

I really like that upon opening the bottle you're drawn-in by the overwhelming aromas of vanilla-rich egg custard and not a whiff of tobacco. This is a Jedi mind trick, just ignore it as it’s treasures are hidden. The first flavour on your tongue will be a mellowed taste of that same vanilla custard that will caress the back of your throat with an almost syrupy sweetness. But wait until you exhale, suddenly the tobacco flavour begins to take the limelight as your palate is struck with the lovely flavour of a beautifully aged Cohiba. This juice is the work of someone who knows and appreciates a fine tobacco, and has magically mingled their flavourings into a perfect sweeter facsimile with twisted nuances.

Make no mistake, this is a sweet tobacco juice, but compared to the sugar-fiend flavours that some other companies produce, this is a breath of fresh air.

Cubano Silver e-liquid by VGOD is a truly delightful tobacco blend that contains all of the popular RY4 flavour notes, where the woody notes of tobacco are combined with a rich and creamy vanilla custard, sweetened by the addition of golden luxury honey and caramelised brown sugar for a complex vape with new flavour dimensions that will make your mouth water. This e-juice will satisfy you like crazy.

09/ Five Pawns, the most premium tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Castle Long by Five Pawns

Five Pawns are based in Southern California and represent the pinnacle of super-premium, artisan-boutique retail juice makers by offering extraordinarily rich but refined e-liquid flavour blends using proprietary ingredients. Every aspect of Five Pawns’ resonates with high-class intent, from the liquids themselves through the descriptions to the presentation packaging.

Castle Long by Five Pawns is a spectacular example of an e-juice made by adults, for adults. The flavour is described as a refined classic Kentucky Bourbon with tones of roasted almond, toasted coconut shavings and a hint of Madagascan vanilla beans, with caramelised brown sugar on the exhale, all accented with a light flue-cured Virginia tobacco.

The first time I vaped this e-liquid I was floored by how sophisticated and complex a flavour it produced – it's in a different class of flavour complexity and is so precise. I have no idea what magic happens when those coils start sizzling but OMG does this create a wondrous medley of flavours on your tongue! Sure this is a sweet vape but those almonds and even the slightly sweet bourbon notes tame it all down leaving an extremely smooth perfectly balanced almost dessert like flavour – think boozy bounty bar and you’ll get my drift. Bloody delicious and very very moreish!

The artful genius of Five Pawns’ juice master to mix e-liquids whose constituent flavour elements blend harmoniously into a sophisticated but singular overall flavour profile is amazing. Castle Long doesn’t ‘taste like’ Kentucky Bourbon, but the essence of the bourbon comes through beautifully in the blend, along with coconut, almond, vanilla, and brown sugar. The overall flavour is ample, rich, and deep, it speaks to a vape palate with civility and refinement. If there is one word that could best describe Castle Long by Five Pawns, it would be delectable. This is, quite simply, an extraordinary e-liquid; its stellar reputation is well-deserved.

Castle Long by Five Pawns e-liquid is an incredible blend, perfect for an occasion, more like a treat, but not really an ‘ADV’.

The biggest drawback to Castle Long is the price. It’s expensive (even more expensive if you go for the Reserve as pictured). But if you’re looking for something unique, complex, and different from all of the fruity and dessert flavours on the market, I’d say the price is worth it.

10/ Manabush, the best tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Manabush POWWOW

Most vapers start with some sort of tobacco flavour, then branch out into the huge range of options available. Fortunately some get stuck in the middle with flavours from Manabush, and enjoy their tobacco fusions far more than they ever did smoking analogues.

Powwow sauce has been one of the most popular in the Manabush range over the years, the hype in itself can sometimes lead to disappointment mainly due to high expectation. But I’m sure you will join me in appreciation for this splendid juice.

Powwow Sauce is completely different from any tobacco you’ve experienced before. The base flavour is a blend of dark and light tobaccos (not too intrusive), sweetened with an oaty ‘hobnob’ style biscuit, then overlaid with a delicious dessert layer fusion (the secret part of the recipe, which we think tastes like a cross between caramelised maple syrup and vanilla custard). Totally unique from any other brand I have tried.

Looking back, my first ever draw on Powwow was a bit of a surprise, first it seemed too ???? something, but persevered as I trust the brand. The taste was difficult to explain, an equally scrumptious enjoyable sweet tobacco inhale turns to a deep and lingering dessert based exhale. What I tasted was a sort of toffee cream flavour mixed with a twist of an earthy Manabush tobacco tone. The smell reminds me of Haagen Dazs' toffee ice cream too, utterly amazing.

This is not your everyday RY4 or even vaguely similar, this is in a class of its own. It has a really ‘grown-up’ vibe to it, something that is decadent enough to be a real treat, but still light enough to be an all day vape. There a lot of people who say this is one of the best liquids they've every tried. All of these people are absolutely right. I’m very impressed and this one is a keeper.

11/ Red Vape Perique, the highest quality tobacco vape juice/e-liquid

Red Vape Perique Reserva

Red Vape Reserve collection is an exquisite range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) e-liquids and are the UK equivalent to Five Pawns and Blacknote. They pitch themselves as a luxury e-liquid brand for the more ‘discerning vaper’ and even supply the high-end retailer Selfridges. Placing yourself at the luxury end of the tobacco flavoured e-liquid market means you’d better be good, if not perfect, as vapers know a good e-liquid when they taste one – particularly the tobacco varieties.

Red Vape has invested a considerable amount of time and energy into creating their brand with nice touches such as steeping their e-liquid in old, oak whisky barrels. So, with impressive blending – steeping methods and luxurious sounding names, is this the exquisite e-liquid collection the vaping connoisseur has been waiting for?

This Perique e-liquid blend uses the distinctive tobacco grown in Louisiana. Perique (pronounced peh-REEK) gets its unique flavour from barrel fermentation, a technique settlers picked up in the 18/19th century from the local Native American tribes who aged tobacco in stumps. The Perique method produces strong flavours and is considered to be the truffle of tobaccos. Due to its powerful nature, it is blended with the milder brightleaf variety to lighten it and provide spice.

Red Vape’s Perique is an almost peppery tobacco with very earthy and rich sweet toffee notes. There are distinct undertones of caramel, vanilla and liquorice. The tobacco also has a slight malty quality to it as well as some sweetness. It is very complex and as such the range of flavour notes jostling for centre stage offers you plenty of variety. Essentially this is a unique tobacco flavour which offers you a bit of everything, in such an exceptional and complimentary way!

Even though I really love Perique, I have never found it to be a tobacco which you can enjoy all day due to its strong flavour. Nevertheless, for those moments when you want to sit in your favourite chair and unwind this makes for a truly superb vape!