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RY4 is one of the oldest e-liquid flavours in vaping, it has a rich history that will continue to evolve as e-liquid brands and mixologists try to re-invent it with new improved twists. Here we look into what an RY4 is, which are the best RY4s, who the leading RY4 brands are, why RY4 is considered the best crossover e-liquid for vapers, we attempt to find similar sweet tobacco blends, and look into juices suitable for vaping newbies.

What is an RY4 e-liquid or juice

What is an RY4 e-liquid or RY4 vape juice?

RY4 is a term that you’ll frequently run into in vaping circles as it was one of the very first e-liquid flavours created when e-cigarettes began to take off in the late naughties. RY4 is probably one of the best all-day-vape e-liquids you can get out of the various flavour profiles...

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Best RY4 e-liquid / vape juice

What are the best RY4 e-liquids?

What makes a great RY4? The magic lies in the quality of the ingredients and how they’re blended. Some RY4s are very bright, almost effervescent, with a pronounced and sparkling high end. These virtually shimmer. Others are darker and deeper, with predominant bass notes. Some emphasise the distinct taste of each component; others are blended into a unified and more singular flavour experience...

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Best tobacco e-liquid / vape juice

What are the best tobacco e-liquids?

Not all tobacco e-liquids are created equal, some range from full on rancid ash-tray strength to sweet pipe-tobaccos reminiscent of grandads on allotments, but not with these trusted award winning favourites...

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Best e-liquid / vape juice brands

Which are the best e-liquid brands?

So, what are the best e-liquid brands? It’s rare for two people to have the same opinion about that because different people want different things when it comes to vaping. In this article, we’ll identify some of the best e-liquids brands out there in the UK market – but we won’t attempt to recommend a single 'best brand' for everyone...

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Best beginner e-liquid / vape juice

What are the best beginner e-liquids?

As virtually all vapers are ex-smokers, we naturally gravitate towards an e-liquid that will give us the same sensations or memories as that of smoking a real cigarette. Some tobacco representations often leave a lot to be desired...

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